2019 – 2020 Buck Hunts

This fall we are offering trophy hunts as follows using Boone-Crockett Non-Typical Score Sheet & Rules

  • $6000 – (170-179)
  • $7000 (180-189)
  • $8000 (190-199)
  • $9,000 (200-210)
  • $10,000 (211-220)
  • $10,500 (221-230)
  • $11,000 (231-240)

What’s included:

  • Your choice of one of our trophy bucks and one doe.
  • Guided afternoon hunt, dinner, open bar, lodging, breakfast and morning/afternoon hunt.  Cleaning of deer, capping of hide, and quartering of meat.
  • Additional non-hunters $200/pp (includes lodging/meals)
  • This hunt will require a $2000 deposit to guaranty the special pricing.

2019-2020 Doe Hunts

This will be our third season open to the public.  We are offering doe and or combination hog hunts this year.  This can be a meat hunt or a great way to get your family out for a fun filled weekend. The fishing is free and we provide the gear for catch and release. If you would like to practice shooting sporting clays bring your own gun and shells.  We will provide all the clay pigeons you can shoot.

Guided Doe Hunt Pricing:

  • Day hunt only (AM/PM hunts your choice) (1 doe/pp) $275
  • Extra none hunter – $100
  • Sporting clays – $40/pp
  • Lodging & meals – $175/pp  Kids (under 12) $100

What’s included:

  • This is an MLD2 property so we will provide Doe tags so you do not need to use your tags.
  • You must have a valid Texas hunting license and sign a release of liability.
  • This will be a guided hunt, including cleaning & quartering of deer.


2019-2020 Hog Hunts

Hog hunts can be added to any Deer Hunt package only. We do not offer standalone hog hunts

    • Option 1 – $150/pp afternoon hunt until dark. 2 hog limit/paid hunter. Minimum 2 people. This is a un-guided hunt on low fence.
    • Option 2 – $250/pp – afternoon hunt until 9:30PM. This is a guided hunt and will include both thermal & night vision scopes/ rifles/ ammo. 2 hog limit/paid hunter.  2 person minimum.
    • Option 3 – $100/pp. This is an add on with paid doe hunt. Evening hunt only until dark. Non guided on low fen

Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need to bring for hunting?

  • Texas hunting license (hunter education card as required)
  • Rifle (min 243 cal) with ammunition
  • Binoculars
  • 2 – coolers for meat, antlers & cap
  • Hunting clothes (check weather and pack accordingly)
  • Shot gun and shells for sporting clays (safety glasses required)
  • Personal items

What about accommodations?

The house can sleep 10 comfortably, has satellite TV, great fire pit, grill, and a large glass cooler for drinks in the evening.  All of the rooms come nicely out fitted with clean linens, and towels.  The bathrooms are spectacular with all the amenities.

How does payment work?

We accept check, money order, cash or paypal.  All doe and hog hunts with lodging require $150 deposit on booking.

Dates for hunting?

Most of hunts will be weekend hunts unless other arrangements are made.  Contact us to book your spots.

Can alcohol be consumed?

Alcohol can only be consumed in the evenings after all hunting is completed.  No alcohol is allowed in the blinds.

What if I wound an animal?

Any shot made on a deer will be considered a kill shot on trophy bucks or does if any blood, hair or tissue is found.  On the high fence side there is a high likelihood of finding a wounded deer.  The property is heavily wooded and tracking may be required.  On the low fence side it can be more difficult to find a wounded animal due to the number of different ranches and heavily wooded area.  We have a rifle range and all deer hunters will be required to check their sights before hunting at 100 yards.


To prevent any misunderstandings before they occur you should be aware of the following conditions of hunting with Twisted Tine Ranch:

  1. All hunters must possess the required Texas hunting licenses and hunter’s education as required by state of Texas.
  2. Strictly adhere to safe hunting and firearm handling procedures. Hunters deemed to be unsafe by their hunting guide or any agent of the property owners, Corser Family Limited Partnership, will terminate their hunt and leave the property immediately.
  3. Heed all guidelines and instructions of your hunting guide or any agent of the property. Failure to comply with his instructions will terminate your hunt.
  4. There shall be no loaded guns except in a blind.
  5. Safety gear (ear protection and safety glasses) required for shooting sporting clays.
  6. You will be responsible for the safety and conduct of your guests and acquaintances. All hunters must have a signed liability waiver on file at the Twisted Tine Ranch.
  7. You will provide transportation to the ranch. Your hunting guide will provide transportation during the hunt.
  8. No pets of any kind will be allowed on the property!!
  9. If a hunter is assigned a blind, they will stay in sight of that blind until picked up by their hunting guide.
  10. Alcoholic beverages may be consumed only after the conclusion of the days’ hunt or at the hunting guide’s discretion.
  11. Your hunting guide will clean and cape the trophy at the hunter’s request. Further disposition of the animal is the responsibility of the hunter.
  12. Your hunting guide may deliver your cape to a taxidermist or the carcass to a procession plant as an accommodation in the Hallettsville Tx area. We assumes no responsibility for the outcome of taxidermy or processing.
  13. Trophy fees apply to all game you kill or wound. An animal will be considered wounded if any blood or other internal spoor is located in the vicinity of the shot.
  14. ALL FEES ARE DUE AT THE COMPLETION OF THE HUNT. Trophy/daily fees do not include, gratuities, taxidermy deposits, other transportation costs, etc.